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Zeroing took place - Zhukovsky

The preliminary results of the CEC vote count confirmed our forecasts: the nullification of the Constitution and presidential terms is legalized. Balabol, when was the last time you took the subway or bus? Why don't you say how you and your friends call these people cattle? If you cut off the head of a chicken, then it will run for another 5 minutes without it. Something suggests that our state is a chicken with which both heads were cut off from the coat of arms.

Sits in a panamera, dressed in Armani, broadcasts about tightening the screws. The more money Muscovites have, the more they care for the poor people from the regions, who actually vote for the amendments and for Putin. On voting days, citizens were polled (there is a video on the Internet). According to all polls, the overwhelming majority of citizens (60-70% are against the amendments, and the CEC gives the opposite data (74% for the amendments). How is this possible? The CEC considers people to be complete fools?

Most of my friends are rasiyantsyf really for Mutin. Information about facts is not accepted. Everything is cool if your ass is warm or at least aggressively does not freeze or smoke. Only fucking will make you turn on your brain. The current or lower oil price is at least until spring 2021, then there will be changes. The second and final option is immigration. All my friends voted for! From your speech poles without arguments, I understood that brainwashed idiots live in villages and villages, you would not judge people by yourself.

I did not participate in this, but all my friends were against the amendments and those of them who voted reproached me for inaction. They say I'm not doing anything to change something, they say my ballot will be filled in for me and thus I contribute to the current regime. but by and large, if everyone asks at least 10 people from his entourage about the attitude to these amendments, for example, in instagram, then in a short time he will understand that there is practically no one for them, but this will not change the official results in any way and tomorrow they will announce that the amendments have been adopted almost unanimously. And those who went and voted against will tolerate it, comforting themselves with the thought that they tried to change something, but failed. Apparently it does not occur to them that the voice itself does not change anything and needs to be backed up by action, but is it worth acting for the welfare of people whose national idea is: now, of course, it's bad, but it could be worse ... what kind of development and quality can be talked about when people, instead of doing better, worry only about how it would not get worse. The collapse of all of them is inevitable ....

Fools think that there will be stability. Fuck with two. There will be protests. There, here and what the hell is stability? ... This is dangerous for society and the government, mistakes after mistakes. Nobody wanted to give power to either Gorbachev or Yeltsin! This story will end badly. The specialist was an observer at the polling station, in 5 days: 14% personally came to the polling station, and 86% were brought in bags, like they voted remotely in ballot boxes ... That's all the turnout...

This is how they split the people, reinforce the distrust of state employees, no matter how they whine about their salaries, but ordinary normal people will respect them less and less. Not trust in the form is growing, everything is only getting worse after the repressive Soviet past, we cannot come to a civilized country. The sharper Putin was and will be drawing the election results in favor of Putin. When will you understand this? Legally and voluntarily, this gang of thieves will not give up power. Shout further: "Shame", terpily!

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