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Webinar February 21, 2017 - Stepan Demura

The space under the second Fukushima reactor. There is a large hole in the floor. The active zone cannot be found. It leaked out of the hull. What happens when hydrogen burns? We live in a time of total surveillance and video cameras. The shock wave has gone. The contract was awarded to an Israeli company. Was there a 9-point earthquake? There are many youtube videos of skyscrapers that are nearby. Conspiracy theory. Roll hawthorn.

(00:03:30) Natalia Kiseleva asks a question.

Elliott theory cyclicity.

Why are predictions made? Huge grants are allocated. To develop a strategy for 2020. A huge heap of economic slaves is hired. Grants are divided among the masters.

The ruble may go lower, you need to look at the further dynamics. You have Fibonacci. I've been giving you a fishing rod for the last 9 years.

Modern economics is the marketing department. The Central Bank is not motivated by anything. (13:20) You start to fall out of the sheep herd. This should happen to the faithful members of our wonderful society. Endless money printing. Make a vision that the banking system works. Logical conclusion - deflationary collapse.

The guys killed their own currency. An ingenious move. Bank debt has collateral.

Having cheap money. Pushes you to take more risk. An unpleasant call. Commoners, stupid money. People are bringing the latter to the market. The summit is somewhere nearby.

Now there will be a movement in which direction I am not interested. In the near future, oil prices will cost $ 8-9. RTS has upside potential. Ruble bonds. The picture is well, completely kosher. The gold in the bank is not your gold, remember. Questions about the ruble and the dollar are not necessary. The prospects for cryptocurrency in the Russian Federation are not any.

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In the photo: Drinking beer and watching Stepan Demura's new seminar in City class


Top 1: Drunk Demura at RBK

Stepan Demura is not sober in the blue studio of the RBK channel

Darling, I'll put you a bottle of blueberry moonshine. Horseman of the apocalypse Stepan Demur. Forecasts were made 113-114, then there was a bar 125-75. I'm talking about fundamental factors. People's confidence in growth. It's hard for me to tell what you are looking at. Andrey is a very impulsive person ... video here


Top 2: Zhanna Borisovna Nemtsova

Zhanna Nemtsova presenter on the RBK channel

All companies make money and earn money. Amazon yet. Yes, dot com. eBay? Ebei. Sorry, with a Russian accent. It's like a magazine for black women, ebany. Sorry, Ebani. There is such a famous American magazine. Continue Stepan. Since consumption is now falling. I will say an indecent word, to ebede... watch the video


Top 3: Demura's Forbidden Video

Demura with a cigarette in his hand, drinking beer in a bar

Drive suckers to the market. What do you like happening now? New projects in the field of analytics are being formed. This is a feast during the plague. 60 billion came in the States, all of these are tears. In Russia, this is all to drive suckers to the market. People have lost their high-paying jobs. Like in a casino... take a look at the video


Top 4: Stepan Demura ate his hat

Stepan Demura smokes a cigar with bread on his head

I keep my promise. Good afternoon girls and boys, today we are eating a hat. There was a dispute. The tyubiteika hat is called. We will eat it with champagne from the Titanic. The economy is kinking. We will see the mighty new oil 80 rally. I take off my hat and eat it... watch the video


Top 5: Conversation without strangers with Demura

Demura drinks a mug of beer in a cafe

Reputation is a passing thing. Are you making money on the market? Not complaining? When will you start your company? Oh, this is such a hemorrhoid. Better to sleep well. It's easier to play with other people's money. If you constantly shine your face in the media. Literary critic Kurginyan... watch the video

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