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In essence, the author says. Go play chess with a dove, he will scatter pieces, give a shit on the board and fly away to tell you how he got you. The author encourages people to go and play with thimbles in a foreign field. You will be smudged with any touch.

If there is a war, they will wear boots at any time, so we are threatened by a military threat? So I understand it! We need to vote against so that a traitor would take the place and there would be no war? You yourself say that it will not be in 2 years, I have already voted against! What will change? If the truth is on your side, then boldly tell the truth to people, for the truth more people will vote against, half of the country drinks and there are no TVs, but here the audience is exactly the one who agree with your opinion! I spoke and I will speak! WE ARE SATURATED WITH PROMISES! Let the party be New or whatever! FIRST WILL MAKE IT AND THEN WILL SAY THAT WE ARE LIKE AND THE PEOPLE WILL FOLLOW YOU! No need to force or frighten! You need to be so strong that people themselves want to reach out to you! I voted NO, because I personally do not like the way I live at 33, I can’t afford just a day off and I don’t intend to sell my time for an hour of operating my life for 100 rubles either! If the Lord is with us! Who is against us?

I want to deposit my five kopecks. In my opinion, the Nightingale is a provocateur. Now I will try to prove it. Valery Solovey claims, and it is impossible to argue with this, that Putin is a liar. Since Putin is a liar, then can there be any doubt that if 100% of the population comes to the vote and all 100% of the population vote against the amendments, then Putin will admit his defeat? Obviously not. That is, in any case, the vote will be officially rigged in favor of the amendments. Second. Nightingale is trying to accuse those who boycott the amendments that it is their fault that after the zeroing will be a war and we will all be drawn into this war. Well, the fact that there will be war is understandable without it. Only those who boycott the vote are not to blame. On the contrary. Judge for yourself. Professor Nightingale claims that he will vote and will vote against. But is it? And if he votes "for". ? Where is the proof? If all those who do not support the amendments to the Constitution collectively made a decision NOT to vote, it would be clear that those who will vote "for" went to the vote. Here is the demand for the war with THEM. We would know them all by sight. And so the Nightingale muddied, now no one will know WHO and HOW they voted. At the same time, it should be taken into account that those who do not go to the vote will automatically be joined by those who do not care and those who simply could not come to the polling stations and vote. These people in the future will appreciate the fact that they did NOT vote for the war. The conclusion is that those who go to the vote are the warmongers. And the Nightingale simply muddies the waters and thus works for Putin, calling with such a reproach of guilt for a future war those people who boycott the elections to vote. P.S. Now imagine that everything is the other way around, all 100% of the population did not come to the vote. And how, then, can the liar Putin be able to announce to the country that the vote was held and everyone supported the amendments? Well, include logical thinking. I repeat once again, you cannot sit at a gambling table with a sharpie who has marked cards. Don't put your LIFE on the line. Don't!

Tell me, is there at least one person in the whole country who would agree that the middle class are people with an income of 17,000 rubles? From small to large, there are no such people. No one! Do not listen to talkers calling for a vote invented by a man who vpends beggars into the middle class. He doesn't care how you all vote: for or against. Chatterboxes, pretending to be friends of the people, have been calling us for various votes for thirty years. Has it gotten better from several hundred votes in 30 years? Try to do it not according to the script. Or piss in your eyes, but you are all God's dew? Gennady.

Has it really happened? Someone else sniffed the situation? Personally, even as an adult, I would not vote. I know about the existence in the XX century of one state in which their laws were higher than international ones. Trust me, it ended badly. And I also know one such state in our time - a hell of a lot of countries have suffered from it, especially in Asia. The amendment on the primacy of Russian laws is a big mistake!

This is how the "flock" is hypnotized: the correct text with murderous theses (using veiled psychological pressure on the listeners), but the conclusion is what the "shepherd" needs: come, dear friend, vote as you like, or at least register. The whole point of both the "voting on stumps" advertising campaign, inconceivable in its scale and unscrupulousness, and of today's broadcast is to entice people to this "vote" and make everyone complicit in mockery of the law and common sense. Go or register, make them a beautiful picture of everyone's interest! Then they will tell you: if you took part, it means that you agree with the result, any!

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