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Stepan Demura on Putin's message

– Today, Putin outlined fantastic growth prospects for Russia, talked about the creation of new sectors of the economy, construction, and so on. In particular, he announced that the share of small business in the Russian economy should be 40% by 2025. He also promised to develop non-resource exports. Within 6 years, the president has promised to double the volume of non-resource energy exports. How does this compare with the real state of affairs?

- How ... By 2018, even earlier, our GDP should have doubled, in the 18th year 20 million highly paid high-tech jobs should have been created, so he said - and said.

- Maxim Oreshkin not so long ago promised, on the contrary, to increase the tax burden on the consumer to accelerate economic growth, does this contradict Putin's priorities set in the message?

- That's what economists are for, to contradict each other and common sense.

- In particular, today we spoke about the key landmarks of Putin's vision of the future, among which Putin called the economic growth rates higher than the world ones. How can I comment on this?

- No, well, if oil goes under 300, and the sanctions are suddenly lifted, then, probably, the rates will be higher than the world ones. But I strongly doubt it very much, therefore - in any way, there is no way to comment on it.

- In reality - what can await us after the elections?

- Arctic fox is a popular fur animal in Russia. Nothing else ...

- That is, this "Arctic fox" will come running to us within the next months after the elections?

- Throughout 2018-19.

- What is the picture of the economic situation in Russia by the 19-20th year? Where are we going?

- I think that GDP can easily collapse by 30-40 percent, the ruble will be stable, maybe 200, maybe 300, that is, the ruin will be complete.

- And even today observers were shocked that half of the president's message was devoted to saber rattling. Showed missile launches and more. What is the reason?

- Recently, the Americans destroyed the battalion of the so-called. PMC Wagner, which made an indelible impression on the electorate.

Probably, the presidential administration decided to raise a little patriotic spirit with all sorts of stupidity and nonsense about the achievements of the Russian military-industrial complex.

- The last question: what advice would you give to our fellow citizens regarding the upcoming elections?

- Personally, I will not go to them and I advise everyone to do the same, because, as they say, parents and presidents are not elected in Russia. You will be blamed for all the sins of the government over the past 25 years, because you voted and elected. The best thing you can do in the current situation is not to go to the polls..

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