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So what, people vote for the amendments, this is how you need to be blind so as not to see what is happening in the country and vote for ?! I don’t understand, I don’t understand, people don’t want to wake up, do they really think that after the adoption of these amendments, life will become a fairy tale, if it hasn’t gotten better in 20 years, then there’s no need to wait, isn’t it clear !? A person from the current ruling circle will not be able to become president. There remained only those aged 60+, related to the power circles. The country will never vote for this again! Authoritarian power is indescribable (which means its end is visible).

I listen to Professor Nightingale's arguments and am amazed: would all those who, according to him, lie on sofas for the boycott, would come to the stumps and hoods and vote FOR the Kremlin's amendments. Don't tell my white slippers. These people are not only against the amendments! They are against slavish obedience! She is against the mockery of the authorities! They are explicitly against the Dwarf Dwarf nullification! You can't put this part of the population on a leash and put on a muzzle! And if I didn’t come to vote in principle, no one deprived me of the right to actively protest, to participate in public actions, to another expression of my resistance to the existing regime! MASK = MUSIC = GAG.

Electronic voting cannot be trusted. I was convinced when there was a vote for one very famous singer. The competition was held in China. It was possible to cast one vote per day. But our fans were taught what to do so that a voice would pass from one device several times and it was clear that the counter was protecting. And that's who just press who. And what fair elections or constitutional amendments. And also voting with a children's competition, where Alsou's daughter illegally smuggled her, does anyone really believe that the votes will not be cheated.

Rzhu from the map of violations of the "Voice", which even pushes technical problems there. A dude from Moscow failed to electronically vote and it immediately became a "violation")). So he called the PEC members home. The EG system is being tested, therefore, it is carried out in 2 regions only. The main thing is that they immediately react to such failures. The fact that "the overwhelming majority of the population of Russia are idiots who are unable to make simple causal relationships" is not only the conviction of the Kremlin gang, but, unfortunately, it is also a sad statistical fact. There is no other way of explaining that they have believed in this incessant treadmill of all federal irons for 20 years. The only reason that can bring them to their senses is the simultaneous disappearance of vodka and snacks, as it was in 1991.

There are still 4 years before the presidential elections, and the opposition allows some conclusions to be drawn. What for? The voting process itself does not change and has not been canceled, there will be candidates, as well as people will vote for whoever they want to see the future leader of the country. If someone wants to support Putin, that's his business. Not the fact that he will run at all. I think. That the Putin regime will win. Our society is not yet ripe for his overthrow. Putin's authoritarian rule will be strengthened. For the people, it will be harder times. Rising unemployment and poverty. Inflation. International isolation and new sanctions. The economy is in decline. All this will lead to a powerful social explosion .... Freedom N.N. I. A. P. PLATOSHKIN BYKOV.

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