Effective Corporate Finance - Risk and Liquidity Management

What do you want to do? With which tool? The objectives of fixing the risks facing the Treasury. Open currency positions. What are the risks? Closing them in the moment is not always effective. They change from day to day. The first challenge is to move the functional currency.

On June 3, Refinitiv, with the participation of the Association of Corporate Treasurers and Renaissance Capital, held a webinar “Effective Corporate Finance. Risk and liquidity management. Kazakhstan". The event was attended by representatives of more than 20 companies of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Alexey Ilyin was the speaker in the first part of the event. He began with questions of building risk management policies in treasuries, functional currency, approaches to determining foreign exchange risks and assessing foreign exchange position. He continued about effective finance for treasury in a remote work environment, about covenants and aspects that can simplify remote work. Using the example of replacing a loan with a currency swap and increasing the deposit rate, Alexey highlighted various approaches to liquidity management, and in the end he spoke about the table of contents of the risk management policy and the formation of a view.

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