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Demura about Putin's live broadcast

Stepan Demura is broadcasting from the balcony. Balcony analyst live. Global warming, reasonable ears. All questions are in the same place. And Demuru a chatterbox analyst - there too. Minus. I was always amazed: did the authorities, paying for these videos with Gazprom's money (I mean Nasha Russia), never noticed the "knife in the back" !?

To what extent Demura considers himself a Genius. But in fact, he is completely rude, without honor and conscience. Why are you broadcasting ?? Show your insolent face. If Demura is an honest person, he shouldn't go live the dollar will not become 120. Is it possible that someone else attends ego seminars?

Putin is the king of fools. No need to drive to the demur that he is a crappy expert, he just fulfilled the ORDER! (Earned) If you are strongly inspired to do something, do the opposite, this is what keeps the foundation. He sits with obscenities, the questions are uninteresting for him (the great). It is necessary to drive such would-be experts.

Demur, where the dollar is 120 rubles, have been waiting for 5 years ??? Demura has liberalism-capitalism of the brain. And as a financial and economic analyst, he is generally dangerous, because for several years in a row he gave false forecasts (about the dollar-ruble exchange rate, for example). Even L. Ivashov supports the operation in Syria, and you criticize. Demura is a competent analyst, philosopher, businessman, presenter, politician, microeconomist. It is always interesting to listen to it, learn about some books and, of course, cheer yourself up!

15:00, if I was in the place of the Yamamot, I would take a Euro loan and spend in dollars, and when GOLD dies down, I would add it to my pocket for a third or a quarter of the amount. EUR / USD went to test at least a year. I don't know anyone except Demura who would assess the situation so soberly! Well done he is. Yes, and Dimura and Panasenkov, the same daffodils! All dialogues through the lip! All morons, they alone are great!

Question without donation _ what is heaven in forex religion ??? Right, complete ass, but with the right to control the auction! You fool !!! Oh, Demura already managed to light up on the new channel. And what, in your own way, you don't even speak about how they see the life of Russia in Ukraine ?! And how is that, eh ?! It's ridiculous to listen to such predictions. From the category of the grandmother told. Not a single word is backed up by facts, idle chatter.

Poddaty Demuru at RBC was interesting to listen to. Now I see a dude attached to the system. Pi3dobol, more than once he was caught lying with the dollar, but now he does not want to answer at all! Ha! Abrams in Red Square! That's why I see you sharpened your skis. And your gut won't burst from overloads in your Abrams? As long as thieves - thieves will not at least be called in raseyushke, there will be no difference, bulk, Putin or the cat Stubbs manages..emura elliotchik, does not reposition brains. Well, can't a 1-ku in Moscow cost 20 thousand dollars? How much then should the real estate cost in the regions? 1 or 3 thousand dollars? Yes, the Chinese will buy all the real estate. Conclusion: economics is not a linear (reduction) "science", but obeying the laws of the universe, namely chaos (variotivity).

Stepan, you beat yourself in the chest a year ago, that the dollar will cost 100 rubles, it means that you were mistaken) Admit that you were wrong! Yes, Demura is still that pi ... bol, he promised 150 and 200 since 2014; and now he sits like an asshole and says I don’t answer these questions, he’s probably lying so that he doesn’t know what to say to people! Sidid floods his ears, just like in the Kremlin!

Just what a nightmare !!!! How many years do you have to listen to this fabulous jingle in order to understand who he is? How many people got into the buck. The main thing is now those who, on his advice, have sold apartments, etc., are rejoicing and are waiting for two, or even three ... The main thing is that fresh smoking pot would be brought up on time. And if not, then his advice is _FAST. This is on RBC, where his woman asked what to do with the greens. she bought on his advice at 70, he replied - hang yourself. That's the whole storyteller predictor!

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