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City class February 27, 2020 - Stepan Demura

This is the last time we meet. Everyone was mowed down by the coronavirus. Few people attend a seminar in City class on February 27, 2020. There is flu in the States. Killed in the area of ​​30 thousand people. The Chinese killed 20 thousand, and a lot of nix. Biolabs.

On February 27, a seminar by Stepan Demura took place. As usual, in a few days he will be on the Demur TV website. Topic: Russian economy today: "fragile bottom" or there is still room to fall: Main challenges and threats for the Russian economy; What events have determined and will determine the economic picture in the country; New realities. Geopolitical risks and markets; The most reliable sources of knowledge and news about the state of the economy; Investor's kitchen. How to save and where to earn?

Conversation Topics:

  • Black Swans 2020.
  • Virus, 50 billion payments, market crash. It's okay, this is a warm-up.
  • “We will not pay! incorrectly privatized Yukos "
  • Pandora: And the rest was privatized correctly ?!
  • The Ministry of Health is solving the problems of the Pension Fund.
  • What should Putin understand?
  • Gazprom is our EVERYTHING!
  • The opposition is, as it were, the opposition.

I fight people who know everything. Demura of them. Just look at what he said a year ago and it's clear that he was just blah blah blah. Today our exchange is collapsing. Even she was slowed down. What the idiots didn’t believe began. Well, the refrigerator will sober you up. Well, of course, the world is ruled not by a bed or a crap, but by the most common TOAD. And the coronavirus is the perfect weapon. It does not exist, but it works great, destroying the scheme of the world economy, splitting it into macroregions, long predicted by many.

Nothing threatens us, ha ha ha. Coronovirus is fucking on a stick ha ha ha ... moron. Demura is openly slipping into propaganda. Demura is still a liar, because Russia itself is not sovereign, like all banks and Sberbank, so Russia needs to be liberated and Crimea will be automatically connected.

And who would doubt the great mind of racketeers like Shuvalov? And other friends poo. The smartest of them was Berezovsky, but in the West, all his investments and business collapsed - this is the smartest one. There they strangled the poor fellow of the cleverest. But those 605 who praise the head of the St. Petersburg organized criminal group, they put on themselves the mark of the usual stupid organized crime groups in the Kremlin, she was charged with Rekit, murders, and 60% of the dunduk praise them!?

Right now, someone will run over to whom the Demura ordered to buy dollars. I don’t remember that he ordered someone. We'll see next week. Today our exchange is collapsing. Even she was slowed down. What the idiots didn’t believe began. Well, the refrigerator will sober you up. It's cool if they give Crimea to the Turks as compensation for Syria. And who said that the result of the fabulous scams was not planned in advance? - ask his rabbi Lazar.

Stop paying attention to his predictions, just listen, he comes from far away. Just today, Roman Andreev said that oil could go up to 90 (through constant corrections). At the last seminar - nothing threatens raw materials, oil 70; at this seminar - all is well oil goes to 31. At the same time, he constantly monitors oil. Not seriously - on such forecasts you can go broke. This is your tech bullshit. analysis.

I understand Semyon, he often laughs, looking at the faces of the next simpletons who have come to the show. It is difficult for him to restrain his laughter. Ostap Gennadievich again traced the wave amnesis with the mouse (this is when you abruptly forget your previous forecast) up or down + - quarter back and forth fourth in the fifth ?!))) The sect of witnesses to the dollar at 127 through 5 to 30 waves. Demura is even and looks bad and cough with a runny nose. Has he been quarantined there yet? 125 no longer promises?

The main thing is to survive, not to mess with shit, 1 trade is wrong, in such a situation, they can bury the depot, on March 10 they will open with us and whoever got oil, it can only grow-)) GO like it was 5k rubles and it fell by 10 dollars more GO-)) Immediately a donut and an order. Demura said about SP, that he somehow reacts with big drops, but I disagree with him, there is nothing there for a long time, he has not correlated for a long time, shit is falling, the euro is growing, shit is growing, the euro is falling, carry trade and the euro is visible if you add up several factors. Here you are also right, this is the same carry trade currency, any butterfly effect and it all adds up. People will have a break in the template, like they print for the euro, they print and it grows-))

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