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City class April 25, 2019 - Stepan Demura

I am Stepan Demura, I suggest you not wait for anything, but act quickly and catch up with progress. In economics, you must often rely on yourself and know the opinion of others! I will tell you what events in the near future will determine the economic picture in the country and the world. I will show you valuable statistics to assess risks and calculate trends today. The secret for you is how to save money and where to make a lot of it in general.

Wow, it fell by 1000) I realized that for 2250 no one would listen to his nonsense. Times are tough. Yesterday I almost fell off my chair when I saw Timati with creed in Pyaterochka's advertisement. And Kirkorov, advertising something there from the throat? Not diamonds, but a sprinkler. And Demur is still interesting to listen to, especially against the background of 99% of "analysts".

Demura is a brave guy - he does not piss to appear in a confined space in the presence of two or more strangers. But the "seventies plus" will soon begin to beat him corny. Group! - Let's throw in Stepan for paid self-defense courses. They abuse our guru - they will forcefully feed the expired stew, and plug all the holes in the body with cartridges. We need to help the little man - he himself hardly already earns on food.

I'd like to see how Stepan, finally, will begin to answer essentially for more than ten years of his forecasts. To answer the questions asked by people who sold "odnushki" three years ago to buy three-room apartments, owners of physical gold, poor fellows who threw off their business and bought 70+ dollars for the whole cutlet: questions that will be asked with hands and feet. < / p>

The people really got hooked on Stepan, but interesting and beautiful. He is worried about his slide towards conspiracies, secret doctrines, stones, grass and mushrooms .... The economy is replaced by the themes of "Prokopenko", and this is already a decrease in the sample.

but what would you do if your doctor in charge, during the discussion of therapy, began to "slide towards conspiracies, secret doctrines, stones, grass and mushrooms ...."? Surely, if you asked to go to the toilet, you would give a dyor from such a miracle-aesculapius. So why are you interested in the financial advice of a person who carries illiterate conspiracy nonsense on serious cabbage soup, the level, as you very wittily noted, of REN-TV programs? Can an educated person watch "The Territory of Delusion" and even more so spread this obscurantism? Can this be called - "lowering the sample"? Most likely this is her complete, trial, absence. many attending physicians themselves ... that. Stepan Gennadievich is a very nice, interesting person and his regular performance, to me personally, once a month, brings only positive emotions. Well, this is how to watch a comedy, or a TV show, no more ....

Graphomaniac notes (fantasy): Somehow young Stepan Demura decided to enter a sapper school, but when he applied, he was answered: "Thank you Stepan, of course, but still better seminars. Otherwise, you give us statistics about" is mistaken only once spoil "- and did not accept. Neither in a day, nor in two, nor in two blocks. End.

The purest water, a Jewish-Zionist trick in a kosher style to release a provocation that will make all the idiots react accordingly, and how exactly, to run to the city class website and quickly buy a recording of the seminar there, they say, what is this fucking shit who said this there that his bases in such a way on his own site throw out such tricks, do not buy into such divorces, in the courtyard there is the 21st century, the century of divorces and idiots. One well-known ANNALLYUITIK has already been properly beaten recently, in the literal sense of the word, yes, so the entire jaw had to be repaired for the entire upper row of teeth for prosthetics, you see, too, or someone threw a big one (these analysts do not even hesitate to order an entrance to them for a minimum amount from 30 rubles and above) ..., or someone of the same plan as this smoked-dug-out junkie just watched and Shura got used to your curls and you are already BEATING.

Guys who attend Stepan's seminars (I would also attend, but I live very far away), can’t you yourself shoot video or sound (on some kind of hidden “spy” camera) and post it on YouTube? I understand that this is intellectual property, you kind of paid money, but they didn't. Only, firstly, not everyone has the opportunity to attend the seminar (they just live very far away), and secondly, this site is not the first to treat people very dishonestly times ("share on the networks and get access to the seminar", then they simply don’t post anything, but people have already paid for it by advertising this site for free). I don’t urge you to do this, but somehow it turns out unfairly. And by the way, the site is wildly nerdy, it's not even decent anymore!

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Demura, Stepan Gennadievich a recognized expert in the world of economics and finance. Here you can get the most accurate prices of USD for the Forex market.

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