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Girkin-Strelkov interview with Gordon

Dmitry Gordon's interview with one of the leaders of the DPR militants in 2014, the so-called DPR Defense Minister Igor Girkin (Strelkov).

Looked, however, nothing new. All this Strelkov spoke in parts and pieces. As always, his territorial Russian world is striking, with the unification of lands, but there is no national idea. Find her and if people do not accept, then they will unite. No civil wars. Why run so far in Serbia ? The European Union also created clever people, now they are crumbling. The idea turned out to be weak.

Игорь Гиркин улыбается

Correctly Girkin said If in Russia the elite cared about Russia and the Russian people, then Russia became a rich country, Ukraine and Belarus, they would be united. And the fact that there are nationalists in Ukraine, the Ukrainian people would have demolished them and kicked them out of the country. The whole mistake of the Slavic people is that they are not friendly. And among the Slavic people, officials have all the power of thieves. No future for your countries. Yours will collapse and collapse. Greetings from South Korea!

Girkin bastard

Girkin is of course a bastard. He wants to unite with the Ukrainians both geographically and by belonging, because he thinks that we are one people. But we are not one people. Ukrainians are true Slavs with more than a thousand years of history, and these so-called big brothers, the heirs of the Mongol Tatars, who do not have their own history, want to recreate their empire. But I hope this will not happen. They have no forgiveness for all the crimes they committed in the territories of the former Soviet republics.

It is not possible to hide a crime behind highly intellectual phrases. Well, the fact that the special services of the Russian Federation then led in the Crimea political parties, public organizations, sports clubs of titushki, imported by buses Russians who pretended to be Crimeans for the media picture, local criminals, even Aksyonov himself, that is direct evidence. And all this is just the chatter of a bandit who really does not want to go to jail.

He does not know that in Ukraine since the time of the revolution, most people lived in villages and all were Ukrainians and spoke Ukrainian. But when the resettlement to the cities began for various reasons, study, work, then everyone had to go to Russian. And no one asked if you knew Russian or not. The study was everywhere in Russian. Back then, the plans were to make us "the Russian world". And we are still Ukrainians.

It seems to me that Girkin is an ambiguous person. It seems like a patriot, but where blood is shed, he is a volunteer there. If this is true, then such people can pile up a lot, because it turns out he single-handedly shook the Donbass? And about Ukraine, the situation is not unique, its entire history stands at the border of the West and Russia! And they constantly have a war between west and east!

Girkin is probably an excellent soldier, officer, Russian nationalist of Jewish origin, he doesn’t know much about the strategic level of generals, the government and the commander-in-chief, not having in fact all the completeness of information and clearly not understanding the position and role of Russia in world politics and economics and crisis management. Give him a war in Ukraine and that's it. Vlasovets fucking.

Great interview! This is not about Girkin, such girkin will always be found when the conditions for this are created. This is about the country of Ukraine, which for 25 years of continuous deriban has degraded to the very bottom (3/4 of Girkin's detachment are Ukrainians!), While neighboring countries (the same Poland) have been intensively developing. And in our "replaceable" government, some thieves changed for others. I say country, not state, because it does not exist yet. There is a territory, which consists of specific feudal possessions and is under external control; and the mess and theft have not gone away, so there is still the possibility of new girkin appearing.

One people say? There was nothing to pay with? In Slavyansk, four believers were tortured and killed for cars. In Donetsk, ATMs, car dealerships were robbed, entrepreneurs who did not have time to leave, ended up in basements, paying with health, money, property and life. There were no weapons? So it was the Ukrainian grads that fired from the territory of the Rostov region in the summer of 14th? How many tracked vehicles passed only through Marinovka - you could see traces on the asphalt. You are a pack of rabid dogs, not some kind of bone. Burn in hell in eternal terror, shame and hate.

Girkin is a scoundrel and a nonentity. A refined KGB copy. Deceitful and slippery as an eel in soap. Do not forget that in the Russian Federation a representative of his office is sitting in the president's chair and they are all like that. They have been teaching this for years how to lie insolently in the face without frowning, hypocrisy is one of the qualities required for an FSB (KGB) officer. Notice how he easily leads away the topic, manipulates the interlocutor and generally does whatever he wants in the dialogue, puts the interlocutor in the position he wants. Not only that, in his head lies entered into symbiosis with the idea, exactly the same thing happens in Putsin's head, look how his facial expressions change when he starts talking about the revival of the EMPIRE, this is a sick person, no wonder he was fired, it seems that among his superiors there was still an adequate person who recognized him as a schizophrenic. These are hypocritical, dangerous, deceitful creatures, do not believe them! I've dealt with people like that, just fu. Now the skin is still creepy.

Girkin calls his life spiritual, intellectual. A spiritual person smiles when asked about the downed Boeing and the dead people, including children. He calls himself an intellectual - anecdote, of course. His speech is full of contradictions. Probably Girkin does not even know about such a science as logic. Operates with primitive tribal concepts, cavemen, judgments at the level of eighth-graders who have lost their head from hormones. Romanticism? Rather, the cretinism is obvious. He is Belarus, and his complex forces himself to consider himself Russian - part of the big one. And for this big one to be very big, it needs all to merge into one state. But in Switzerland with such a demographic, in 20 years, Girkin will be bad. There are two facts here. It is not a matter of quantity but quality, and covering the second demographic decline in Russia with wars is not the smartest option. Third: If it was a matter of the number of heads, then the number of Chinese and Indians should have captured the entire planet. This is not even the main point. To create the Russian World, a person must have at least some guarantees that Russians will live well, comfortably and safely in this world. But he himself was thrown overboard. Now he says what a horror in Donbass. Why did you bastard climb in there? Created Big Russia? How many people died, including children. And now you are a bastard even the opportunity to have no influence and merge all the negativity on Putin. What does he have to do with it? He's not crazy, but you. Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians are one people, right? I will continue the madman's notes. Poles, Czechs, and all Slavs. Now to take over all of Europe? One drunk ruined a great empire, tens of thousands of people died, other madmen are now killing to restore.

Elena Malysheva's Golden Palace from Channel One

Elena Malysheva is a media personality, a famous TV presenter, a frequent guest of various shows about health. Her distinguishing feature is the charisma of a balanced and self-confident person who has achieved everything on his own. Everybody scolds Elena Malysheva with her program Life is great! There are all sorts of freaks and incomprehensible layouts of obscene places!

All TV propagandists, like theirs, keep all the mistresses' children in the West because they know better than others that Russia, as a country of the future, does not have a collapse on all fronts, like the USSR once did. The ex-mayor of Moscow Luzhkov died. He died in Munich, as befits a Russian patriot!

When you look at this disgusting, lying inadequate fool, you want to think of someone good. In contrast to her, for some reason I represent Dr. Ustimenko, I know for sure that people like him still remain in Russia!

Of course, all these palaces are terrible, but Malyshev does not say such terrible things about the coronavirus. At least she doesn't panic the way you do. You shouldn't scold her for that.

Buying this house is one thing. But the annual taxes on it, that is, bills, this is the annual salary of a dozen specialists of some design bureau in Russia at once, So the cash flow does not stop.

This is the strongest of all. Even with dimon not be compared) well, everything was, but this. If Malysheva has such a thing, then it's just scary to imagine on what industrial scale everything is dragged and stolen there by everyone who is somehow involved in the money.

I live in the village, in my own box, and I love her endlessly! This house is just perversion! There is no warmth and comfort in it! But people are just crazy about money! Everyone is going crazy in their own way! Malysheva, in general, in her life, how did she show herself apart from idle talk? Tereshkova has now shown herself to all the people who she is! Shame!

When this pseudo clowness doctor supported raising the retirement age, everything became clear. Her haroms were built on the money of hundreds of thousands of people who did not live to retire. If karma exists, such creatures should receive the highest punishment.

Rotten system, our 99% grandparents (pensioners) receive scanty pensions. Great COUNTRY - the Winner in the Second World War, and the winners receive 10 times less pension than the same people on the losing side. Spinning the dough is everywhere, gasoline is 4 times overstated, count how much the budget gets from excise taxes, billions of rubles every day. And all these days, the Dons receive propaganda from TV screens, so that these deceived people believe that everything is fine. Zombie people! They keep silent about the real state, so it's easier to steal. The eternal "everything is fine with us, we will live a little more." Although in reality there is a constant monotonous dictatorship without any hint of improvement and without justice. Malyshevs are different, Solovievs, Simonyan receive incredible money for stupefying people. Although in fact they should be paid a maximum of 100-200 thousand rubles a month. If they don't want to work, others for 200 thousand will work no worse, many people are out of work.

The authorities divided the budget money according to the principle: the maximum salary for themselves and for sycophants. In the country, scientists, doctors, teachers should receive the highest salaries, and ALL those who really work for the WELL-BEING of society, education and medicine should be of high quality and free. This is where the budget should go. Then we will begin to live normally.

Alexey Navalny, it is worth noting that only one annual tax on this house will be in the region of $ 150k plus a communal apartment, it's hard to even imagine how much ~ 20k IMHO. In total, we have $ 170k per year of costs, and that's not counting the apartments. I have a question, how much does Malysheva earn?

And Lyosha advertises the Coronavirus, I don't like the thief Malyshev, but I don't see a pandemic either. Both of you are wrong, this bitch sat down on a topic that she is discrediting with her activities, and Navalny, a Protestant, supports Putin, who is very nedraitsa this pandemic to take away the rights of citizens.

About how many wonderful discoveries we have. The spirit of enlightenment prepares. Alex still has many surprises, there is no doubt. And for Malyshev and Mechnikov, only those who did not want to think brought everything clear. They match Solovyov, except that apart from media persons, they are no doctors.

Amazing. Most are ready to listen to bloggers, political scientists and politicians, not doctors and specialists. Not ready to read the studies of epidemiologists and virologists. And when a doctor (I mean Malyshev) says that this disease is among many others and, according to objective data, is no more dangerous than the majority, taking into account the characteristics of the disease, a flurry of criticism falls on it. Moreover, people have no idea of ​​either medicine or epidemiology. She, unlike many, communicates with those who treat this virus, she was in the hospital and saw everything with her own eyes. And Navalny, in this case a man in the street, and like many other politicians from any side, replaces concepts in their interests and goals. In general, in matters of medicine, it is necessary to listen to doctors and preferably uninterested ones.

Last Hero 2020

I wonder when Ilyashenko began to consider herself a celebrity? Why should she put herself above ordinary viewers? Well, I got some kind of recognition after "Sweet Life", which is full of bed scenes, worse than the Rybkins in YouTube ... why so much snobbery?))) I watched the first issue .... from the characters just in shock. Who chooses these members? Is there really no more interesting people? Daughter looked next .. there is a continuous mate-re-mate ... This fish .. Star-prostitute ... Why pity her then? The fact that the men in the comments here are protecting her ... apparently, who loves them)).

Yes, I do not believe in their emotions, especially I do not trust such a crooked video editing. The idea, as it was originally cool, remained, but the execution is disgusting. Witch fish! Those men who yelled against her the most, almost broke their necks, I'm afraid they won't live to see the end of the project.

What kind of a foolish Rybka is this))) Why take part in such a project at all if you are only concerned with hotels, wine and comfort? The men, of course, went too far, but the fact that she was leaked from the game is a wonderful result. It's a pity the tribe of stars in the sense that they chose a person at the beginning of the graduation, hoping for a worthy participant, but got some kind of brainless prostitute, in the end they didn't get either food or a person :) In general, release fire! I wonder what will happen next. Troynova is super! Favorites: Voivode from the tribe of stars and Dmitry from the tribe of spectators. Excellent guys, worthy of victory.

Some "stars" (such as Ptakha, Davidich, Papuanaishvili and Arno) showed their shit in all its glory! Such damn white and fluffy! Such nonsense passwords are already disgusting! Who cares who and what did before the island! You have arrived on the island and everything should be "zeroed" at once! And do not blather who slept with whom, and then straight virgins alone gathered there! It was more pleasant to look at the girl anyway than at these moral "freaks of clowns"!

And it seemed to no one that Yana's conversation with a taxi driver (I forgot the name) was like a dialogue like in the country of Oz Kutsenko (the participant's taxi driver looks like him in a bandana) and Yana, when Kutsenko turned to her (Yana) by her last name and only ignored the question? Like who noticed.

Strange behavior of the peasants from the "Stars" team. Actually, all the stars in the sky. There are only people on earth and not always good ones. Stoeros oak attacked a fragile girl. Some of the men have been married for the eighteenth time and their ladies, probably, only their pussies, the only ones, were holding in their hands. I will reveal to YOU ​​a HUGE secret for YOU. Each of you, and your ladies, untainted by anything, unlike Nastya Rybka, had a past. All of you were not born yesterday and have already done a lot of stupid things and mistakes for which you are ashamed, and not even to speak, but even to remember. So what the hell? Open your closet and make sure that you don't get overwhelmed and crushed with skeletons. Strong sex and weak mind.

Premier Mishustin's classified billions

Putin indicated to hide everything, but we found it to show you. The first thing that was done as soon as Putin appointed Mikhail Mishustin Prime Minister of Russia was that any information about the property of all members of his family was classified. What is it that the official who got a job in the civil service 22 years ago is hiding? Trust me, there is something to hide.

Who are you !? You are not only a thief but also a traitor! You will sell your mother for grandmother as you sold yourself to the West! Who will show you documents to a fool? Do not powder the brains of people! Give apartments to orphans and families in need, create a cure for cancer, help people, the atoms are rowing loot with shovels, and you are not enough. Navalny fellow is an anti-agent for federal channels. Navalny and federal TV channels - where the truth is where the lie. In any vote, choose lie or truth.

The ownership of the apartments from the EGRL that were shown during the investigation did not have an EGRL stamp! All these fake papers are real "bullshit"! Like the whole investigation, it is false and unsubstantiated! This whole fucking mafia is the result of our parents' wickedness. We didn’t have enough brains and voted for beautiful words for many, many years. With such a logic that “Maybe this time everything will get better?” No, it won't. But we will continue to vote for thieves (c) 70% of idiots who now complain about problems in the country. Just now eat what you sow yourself.

How can you refute Navalny? Here are the numbers: hectares of land ownership, hundreds of meters of living space, billions of rubles. Who will prove that this is not true. Or is it true that every official is a corrupt official. A big official is a big corrupt official. These officials, corrupt officials, embezzlers, criminals, liars rule (steal) the state, turn out the pockets of the people and teach them how to live on macaroshkas. Who will deny this?


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