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Black Swans 2020. Virus, 50 Billion Payouts, Market Crash. It's okay, this is a warm-up. "We will not pay! Yukos privatized incorrectly" Pandora: And the rest was privatized correctly ?! The Ministry of Health is solving the problems of the Pension Fund. What should Putin understand? Gazprom is our EVERYTHING! The opposition is, as it were, the opposition.

A harmful concept. People's unwillingness to think. The coronavirus infects Asians, Blacks, Brits and Finns. We have the Putin virus, we have been living with him for 30 years. 50 billion to pay Yukos. Brilliant manager Shuvalov, working with claims.

Whose signatures for privatization? Those on the bridge. The Fed will print as much as needed. The coronavirus is Chinese, and their things don't work for a long time. Coronavirus will solve the problem of pensions. Gazprom Miller leaves. Rotenberg sold the contractor. The Turks did not bomb the Russian convoy, it was a throw-in. Old Man outplayed the Storyteller. The Kremlin's Bulk Project, curated by Gromov. Constitution no guarantees. There is no opposition, the field is cleared. The Americans took away the production of aluminum and part of the energy sector. Aunt Gera Sberbank.

Dimura believed that the dollar would die and we will bury it ... it turns out that he deceived, here is Dimura's divinity With Rottenberg - twin brothers (what a melancholy). about the bridge was interesting ... holes? - it is no longer aesthetically pleasing - the harmony is violated (the animal grin of capitalism rules) - forward, into the Chapaevskaya emptiness: we don't even have to draw a rainbow - we live on a rainbow-la-la-la.

I haven't watched Neuromir for two years (since Grudinin times). Let me think, I'll see, well, damn it, everything is as usual: “the people don't want to think”, “the totalitarian putler regime has finished Russia”, “the bubble will burst soon”, etc. In fact, everything is not so bad, everything goes on as usual. No one dies of hunger, there were no free parking lots in the courtyards at 7-8 in the evening, and even all the lawns are full (yes, cars bought on credit, i.e. for example: for a car worth 0.8 million). people for several years, with all the "pitfalls" pay 1.2 million rubles). Real estate sales are on the rise again, etc.

I have always had an ambiguous attitude towards him, but Demura really predicted all these crises! I watched it even before the fall of the ruble in 14, he predicted all this. it was thanks to him that I managed to buy what I wanted before the fall of the ruble and was right. thanks Stepan! And I just think that something will happen ... all this liberalism that stole money is "young money" that the old puppeteers will drain .. because all these new-born wealthy have gone too deep and have already begun to reshape the world.

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In the 2000s, privatization also followed Chubais's patterns. Putin transferred the assets of Gazprom to the Rotenbergs, Kovalchuks and Timchenko in exactly the same way: the state bank gives "buyers" unsecured loans, which they use to pay for the purchase of Gazprombank and Gazprom's construction companies. Then the guys, receiving contracts from Gazprom and spinning its money in the bank, they extinguish these loans. That is, the children bought state property for state money and sat down with it on non-competitive state orders and budget loot. Beautiful, damn it. This is what Roma Abramovich did with Sibneft, and the Chubais son Vova decided to use the valuable experience of his senior comrades.

An unwise person is your guest Stepan Demura. If Crimea were not Russian, Russian laws would not work there, because you never know where the Sberbank operates without affecting sovereignty. Also called "cotton wool", you fool. Gus-the end, but can you tell me how Russian laws work in a territory where all residents have documents for land and real estate (except for the newly stolen one) written in Ukrainian and have the coat of arms of Ukraine? but about some kind of "other" federation and not words, count up! :))) Well, and a cherry in your ... cake: Crimeans do not pay taxes. neither on the ground, nor on the real estate. And how will you pay them? In the documentaries, not a word about rashka! And the pension is sucked from Raseyushka. So don't whistle about the Russian labor laws in the Crimea. :))

Bonus video

Money should not go to the development of Russia. Security officials are buying Sberbank . Putin is leaving power. There is no money on pension, but do you have money to buy Sberbank? 23:30 Today Stepan Demura will talk about this ($ 50 billion to YUKOS).

Demur crap both Nemtsov (whose little finger Demur himself is not worth) and Navalny. And pretends to be that type of smart. It's disgusting to look at this clown! Now let's look at Demura's "predictions" 6-5 years ago and check which of them came true. ))) Imagine - NOT ONE !!! (checked, reviewed the videos personally). And this "expert" is considered respected here? Congratulations on this! ))) Not everything is so simple in political economy; Stepan. Nash Crimea is some kind of nonsense, the rest is much more complicated. The Russian leadership leads in a KGB simple way. Press, and that's all. Do not scold them. They are not trained in anything else. They are good, they wanted the best.

People, that you are all afraid of the dollar for 100 rubles? This is only 30% more than the current rate. We have already forgotten that in 1997 the dollar was worth 6,000 rubles. Then the denomination was 1000 times up to 6 rubles. and at the end of 1998 there were already 24 rubles. That is 4 times in a year !!! It's not about numbers, but about the real standard of living, about what you can afford for an average salary, a pension, a stipend, a child allowance! Demur Demura tries again to moor, I remember how he promised a dollar exchange rate of 120 by the end of 2015 .... a chatterbox.

Probably few of those present here can boast that they did not participate in the privatization of real estate, companies (shares, bonds for privatization vouchers). For example, I thought that I didn't get dirty, since I don't have a single meter of privatized housing, but I remembered that my father bought Gazprom shares with my privatization check, which were then "successfully" sold for a penny)) I also participated, although I was child. Everyone was involved, so there can be no question of correct or incorrect privatization, as if everything is thought out and calculated!))

Pledge auctions are not legal what 50 milliards how the Komsamol leader got public property the generation of the Soviet people was built by the owners fucking what Khodorkovsky marauder Judas rats what now who is in power in Erefia.

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