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Bekhterev "Mass psychosis"

Vladimir Mikhailovich Bekhterev (1857-1927), an outstanding Russian physiologist, psychiatrist, psychologist, creator of reflexology - an original natural science theory of behavior that made a significant contribution to the development of the human sciences. A book is included in this edition. Suggestion and its role in public life, where the essence of suggestion as a mental phenomenon, the mechanisms of the emergence of mental epidemics and the role of various types of suggestion in their origin and distribution during crisis situations in society are revealed, as well as articles thematically related to this work.

Friends, this book is purely the author's view of the trance state. Throughout the reading, the book contains a theoretical understanding of the nature of suggestion. There is no exercise here. Some thoughts and ideas. As a red thread, Bekhterev carries the following thought: "with the disappearance of the I, any suggestion occurs easily, without recognition and without criticism." It is read dry, somewhat difficult. There are a lot of examples of psychic epidemics, suggestions of mystical teachings, examples of suggestions in case of panic.

Contents of the book

  • Foreword
  • Different views on the nature of suggestion
  • Definition of suggestion
  • Suggestion and persuasion
  • Suggestion in hypnosis
  • Suggestion while awake
  • The meaning of faith
  • Involuntary suggestion and mutual suggestion
  • Collective or mass illusions and hallucinations
  • Stereotypical deceptions and the meaning of self-hypnosis
  • Suggestion as a factor in the self-destructive acts of our sectarians
  • Convulsive epidemics in history
  • Epidemics of witchcraft and demonic content
  • Epidemics of hysteria and spoilage
  • Other psychopathic epidemics of a religious nature
  • Paranoid Painted as the culprit of a kind of psychopathic epidemic
  • Epidemic of Malevanshchina
  • Tatar psychopathic epidemic in Kazan province
  • Suponevskaya psychopathic epidemic of the Oryol province
  • Sectarian gatherings and epidemics
  • Chinese epidemic of the Yi-he-tuan sect
  • Canadian psychopathic epidemic among Russian Dukhobors
  • Epidemic spread of mystical teachings
  • Panic among people and animals
  • Mental epidemics during historical popular movements
  • Speculative epidemics
  • The role of gatherings in the spread of mental epidemics
  • The value of suggestion in community groups
  • Application

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Great book. A rare thing from the author. Read to everyone, I recommend.

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